Higher Education and Research for Sustainable Development (HESD)


 Guideline of Registration for the Academic Year 2021  プログラム登録要覧 (PDF)


Any graduate student at a graduate school in Kyoto University (Master Course, Doctoral Course) can register for the WENDI-HESD Programme.



Enrollment Procedure

Students wishing to enroll in the WENDI-HESD Programme are required to fill in and submit the registration form for UNESCO Chair WENDI. Please send the form to the designated Office for WENDI via e-mail by the due dates indicated below. If a student decides to withdraw from the WENDI-HESD Programme, s/he is required to fill in and submit a withdrawal form to Office for WENDI within one month from her/his decision. Please note that both forms require approval seals of the academic advisor of the student(s) at the respective graduate schools. The WENDI reserves the right to terminate the enrolment of any students who do not attend classes entirely or when the students fail to meet the enrolment procedure.





Registration Procedure

To participate in the WENDI-HESD Programme, it is necessary to complete
  • (1) Application procedures at one’s graduate school,
  • (2) Submission of registration form to the UNESCO Chair Office of WENDI, and
  • (3) Submission of “Educational Programme Subjects Application” form both to the Course professor in charge and to the UNESCO Chair Office of WENDI.
For the 1st Semester
(1) Graduate School (Registration and Audit Application) Deadline: the due date of each school
(2) WENDI-HESD Programme (Registration)  Deadline: 16 April 2021 (Fri.)
(3) Educational Programme Subjects Application Deadline: 26 April 2021 (Mon.)
For the 2nd Semester
(1) Graduate School (Registration and Audit Application) Deadline: the due date of each school
(2) WENDI-HESD Programme (Registration)  Deadline: 15 October 2021 (Fri.) –> Extended to 12 November 2021 (Fri.)
(3) Educational Programme Subjects Application Deadline: 25 October 2021 (Mon.)
(1) Registration procedure at graduate schools
Most of the classes of the Programme are derived from classes offered by respective graduate schools of Kyoto University. Students wishing to enroll at the WENDI-HESD Programme are required to register themselves to attend in their own school and/or request for permission to audit the classes at the respective other graduate schools.
(2) Registration for the UNESCO Chair
Choosing one of the six Courses (A-F) of the WENDI-HESD Programme, submit the application form with your supervisor’s signature/seal to the UNESCO Chair Office of WENDI by e-mail.
(3) Submission of the Educational Programme Subjects Application
Students registered by (1) above should submit “Educational Programme Subjects Application” for the Course chosen both to the person (or office) in charge of each Course and to the WENDI Secretariat as indicated in the form.
See APPENDIX I (p. 36), especially for the subject codes.

Grade evaluation will be shown on the grade register of the graduate school to which students belong. Please be sure to complete (1), (2) and (3) above.


  • (1) 所属研究科での科目履修登録手続き
  • (2) ユネスコチェア事務室への登録願手続き
  • (3) コース担当教員及びユネスコチェア事務室への科目の履修手続き


(2)ユネスコチェア登録願: 提出期限: 前期:2021年4月16日(金)、後期:2021年10月15日(金)–> 2021年11月12日(金)まで延長
(3)ユネスコチェア科目履修届: 提出期限: 前期:2021年4月26日(月)、後期:2021年10月25日(月)
上記(1)により登録する者は、履修計画を立てて希望するコース所定の科目履修届を期日までに各コースの担当教員(担当事務室)及びユネスコチェア事務室の両方へe-mailで提出して下さい。科目コードについては付録(P. 36)をご参照ください。

これらの手続きを行うことにより、各科目の履修が可能となり、学期末には所属研究科の成績原簿に記載されます。これら (1), (2), (3)の手続きを怠らないよう特に注意をして下さい。

2020 Syllabus (WENDI-HESD Programme – Programme contents and completion criteria)

I. Common Compulsory Subject

UNESCO Chair WENDI guidance lecture will be offered once every semester. After attending this lecture, you will be able to understand the functions of UN agencies such as UNESCO and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as ESD.

Name of subjects Credits Offered by Purposes
UNESCO Chair WENDI Guidance Lecture 0 UNESCO Chair WENDI To recognize the functions of UN agencies such as UNESCO and SDGs, SFDRR and Paris Agreement for Climate Change.

This lecture is composed of a series of two classes. Its contents are as follows.

Part I: UN Agencies and UNESCO
The Part I explains United Nations (UN) and its various agencies. Especially focusing on the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the lecturer introduces the structure of UNESCO, its activities, UNESCO Chairs and science programs such as International Hydrological Programme (IHP), Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB), and International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme (IGGP). UNESCO-designated sites are also introduced for future international cooperation research projects under the UNESCO Chair WENDI: World Cultural Heritages, World Natural Heritages, Biosphere Reserves, and Geoparks. This part also mentions internship and job opportunities in UNESCO.
Part II: International Agreements
The Part II explains three international agreements: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 (SFDRR), and the Paris Agreement of UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change). These agreements are current important global agenda (action plans) toward 2030. Students can learn what they are and how to read/write such UN documents. It is also requested in the classroom to relate each student’s research theme to these agreements and present it.
Schedule of WENDI Guidance Lecture
Students may take any Part I and Part II Classes shown below. Requirement is to take both Part I and Part II.
Lectures are taken place at Higashi Ichijokan
First semester:
1st Round — Part I: 12 May 2021 (Wed.) 18:15-19:45, Part II: 26 May 2021 (Wed.) 18:15-19:45
2nd Round — Part I: 8 July 2021 (Thu.) 18:15-19:45, Part II: 29 July 2021 (Thu.) 18:15-19:45
Second semester:
1st Round — Part I: 8 November 2021 (Mon.) 18:15-19:45, Part II: 29 November 2021 (Mon.) 18:15-19:45
2nd Round — Part I: 7 December 2021 (Tue.) 18:15-19:45, Part II: 21 December 2021 (Tue.) 18:15-19:45

II. Name of subjects

Name of subjects Credits Offered by Purposes
Field Laboratories in Multi-scale Earth Dynamics I
(Offered biennially, available in 2021)
2 Graduate School of Science Fundamental principles on various observations of the atmosphere are explained in this class, and it is stated how to use such instruments to observe atmospheric variations. For example, observations of temperature, water vapor, wind speed and direction, concentration of minor constituents such as CO2, and so on over land and ocean with high accuracy and resolution are introduced. Analysis methods of the observed data are also given to understand the multiple scales in time and space of the atmospheric variations.
Meso-Scale Precipitation Systems and Severe Storms
(Applied Meteorology IIB)
2 Graduate School of Science A suite of lectures on meso- and micro-scale meteorology is given, which provides the basis for advanced research in meteorological disaster or atmospheric pollution. Special attentions are focused on cumulus convection and the severe storms. The dynamics and mechanism of various phenomenon such as wind gust, tornado, down burst, squall line and even the tropical storm and the impacts of climate change on those phenomena are explained.
Others To be announced


I. 共通必修科目

ユネスコチェアWENDIガイダンスレクチャーは、毎学期提供される。このレクチャーに出席することにより、 ユネスコ等国連機関の役割と持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)及び持続可能開発教育(ESD)について学ぶことができます。

科目名 単位数 提供 目的
ユネスコチェアWENDIガイダンスレクチャー 0 ユネスコチェアWENDI ユネスコ等国連機関の役割とSDGs、仙台防災枠組、気候変動パリ協定について理解する。


パート I: 国連機関とユネスコ
パートII: 国際合意文書
WENDIガイダンスレクチャー 講義予定
1回目 — パート I :2021年5月12日(水)18:15-19:45、パートII:2021年5月26日(水)18:15-19:45
2回目 — パート I :2021年7月8日(木)18:15-19:45、パートII : 2021年7月29日(木)18:15-19:45
1回目 — パート I :2021年11月8日(月)18:15-19:45、パートII : 2021年11月29日(月)18:15-19:45
2回目 — パート I :2021年12月7日(火)18:15-19:45、パートII : 2021年12月21日(火)18:15-19:45

II. 共通選択科目

科目名 単位数 提供 目的
2 理学研究科 さまざまな大気の観測手法について、その測定原理について説明するとともに、それらの観測装置を実際に利用することを通して、地球大気の変動現象をどのように捉えることができるのかについて理解することを目的とする。具体的には、温度、湿度、風向・風速さらには二酸化炭素などの大気微量成分の高精度、高時間分解能の地上観測及び海上観測について紹介する。また、得られた観測データから多重の階層性をもつ大気変動の実体を把握するための解析手法について概観する。
2 理学研究科 気象災害や大気環境問題を引き起こす中小規模の気象学について講義する。特に積乱雲が関与する激しい現象を伴う中小規模現象の構造や特性、それらのダイナミクスやメカニズム、さらには数理的・物理的モデリングについての理解を深める。対象とする現象は、突風・竜巻・ダウンバースト・積乱雲・メソ対流系・スコールライン・熱帯低気圧・台風などである。また、それら中小規模現象の結果として生じる暴風雨現象の特徴、さらには気候変動の影響についても理解を深める。
その他 適宜アナウンスされる

Details of Courses A-F / コースA-Fの詳細

The following table shows the maximum number of credits that can be approved.

Course Maximum number of credits
D. SBM 4
E. CoHHO 5
F. CRS 4

(2) About duplication of registered subjects

Note that a subject that is registered in a Course you selected cannot be approved when you take another Course.


コース 最大認定単位数
D. SBM 4
E. CoHHO 5
F. CRS 4

Forms 様式

Registration ユネスコチェア登録願
Educational Programme Subjects Applications (A-F) 科目履修届(A-F)

     – Subjects_Applications_2021_A

     – Subjects_Applications_2021_B

     – Subjects_Applications_2021_C

     – Subjects_Applications_2021_D

     – Subjects_Applications_2021_E

     – Subjects_Applications_2021_F
Application for Certification of Previously Acquired Subjects 既修得科目認定申請書
Certificate Request 修了証交付願
Withdrawal 辞退願

Field Exercise

Some of the courses (see the below section V) require the students to carry out at least one field exercise.
WENDI’s HP lists various fields for the students to consider planning their own exercises (the list is available only in Japanese as of April 2019). See: フィールド実習地情報(2019年2月現在).pdf




Couse A: Water Resources and Disaster Management Course (WRDM) requires the students to take the UNESCO-IHP Training. The outline of this IHP training is given in Appendix of the brochure. Kindly be requested to register for the training in due course.

ユネスコIHP 研修

Aコース:水資源マネジメント・水防災ユネスコチェアコース (WRDM) は、ユネスコIHP研修を必修とします。巻末付録に、その概要が記載されています。受講者は、この研修にも登録して下さい。

WENDI-HESD Programme Courses and Faculty Members in Charge

A. Water Resources and Disaster Management Course (WRDM)

Faculty members Prof. Yasuto Tachikawa (Chief)
Prof. Shigenobu Tanaka, Prof. Tetsuya Sumi, Prof. Tomoharu Hori,
Prof. Eiichi Nakakita, Prof. Kaoru Takara, Assoc. Prof. Yasuhiro Takemon,
Assoc. Prof. Kenji Tanaka, Assoc. Prof. Takahiro Sayama,
Assoc. Prof. Sameh Ahmed Kantoush, Assoc. Prof. Yutaka Ichikawa,
Assoc. Prof. Sunmin Kim, Junior Assoc. Prof. Kazuaki Yorozu,
Assist. Prof. Daisuke Nohara, Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. Mohamed Saber

B. Aquatic Environment & Water Quality Course (AEWQ)

Faculty members Prof. Yosuke Yamashiki (Chief)
Prof. Minoru Yoneda, Prof. Sadahiko Itoh,
Prof. Mamoru Kanzaki

C. Global Energy and Environment Course (GEEC)

Faculty members Prof. Keiichi Ishihara (Chief)
Prof. Hideaki Ohgaki, Assoc. Prof. Seiichi Ogata,
Assoc. Prof. Benjamin Craig McLellan

D. Sustainable Bioresource Utilization and Ecosystem Management Course (SBM)

Faculty members Prof. Mamoru Kanzaki (Chief)
Prof. Tatsuhiko Shiraiwa, Prof. Yoshiko Kosugi,
Assist.‌ ‌Prof.‌ ‌Daisuke‌ ‌Naito, Prof. Yosuke Yamashiki

E. Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans Course (CoHHO)

Faculty members Prof.Naoko Tokuchi (Chief), Prof. Makoto Usami,
Prof. Kota Asano, Prof. Ryunosuke Tateno and others

F. Course for Creating Resilient Societies (CRS)

Faculty members Prof. Kaoru Takara (Chief)
Research Assoc. Prof. Mika Shimizu,
Prof. (Emeritus) Norio Okada

Faculty members for Common Subjects, etc.
Prof. Michinori Hatayama, Assoc. Prof. Tetsuya Takemi, Junior Assoc. Prof. Florence Lahournat


A. 水資源マネジメント・水防災ユネスコチェアコース (WRDM)

担当教員 立川 康人 教授(代表)
田中 茂信 教授、角 哲也 教授、堀 智晴 教授、中北 英一 教授、寶 馨 教授、竹門 康弘 准教授、田中 賢治 准教授、佐山 敬洋 准教授、
カントシュ サメ アーメド 准教授、市川 温 准教授、金 善玟 准教授、萬 和明 講師、野原 大督 助教、モハメド サベル 特任准教授

B. 水環境・水質ユネスコチェアコース (AEWQ)

担当教員 山敷 庸亮 教授(代表)
米田 稔 教授、伊藤 禎彦 教授、神崎 護 教授

C. エネルギー科学ユネスコチェアコース (GEEC)

担当教員 石原 慶一 教授(代表)
大垣 英明 教授、尾形 清一 准教授、マクレラン ベンジャミン クレイグ 准教授

D. 持続的生物資源利用と生態系管理ユネスコチェアコース (SBM)

担当教員 神崎 護 教授(代表)
白岩 立彦 教授、小杉 緑子教授、内‌藤 大‌輔 ‌助‌教、山敷 庸亮 教授

E. 森里海連環学ユネスコチェアコース (CoHHO)

担当教員 吉岡 崇仁 教授(代表)
徳地 直子 教授、宇佐美 誠 教授、浅野 耕太 教授

F. レジリエント社会創造ユネスコチェアコース (CRS)

担当教員 寶 馨 教授(代表)
清水 美香 特定准教授、岡田 憲夫 名誉教授

畑山 満則 教授、竹見 哲也 准教授、フローランス ラウルナ 講師


(1) About subjects taken in previous years

WENDI-HESD programme approves academic credits already taken in previous years, upon requested by students.
Please submit “Application for Certification of Previously Acquired Subjects” as well as a copy of your academic transcript issued by your graduate school.

(2) About duplication of registered subjects

Note that a subject that is registered in a Course you selected cannot be approved when you take another Course.


(1) 過去に取得した単位の遡り認定について

WENDI-HESD プログラムでは、学生の希望があれば、過去に既に履修した科目で取得した単位を修了単位として認定します。単位取得が確認できる研究科発行の成績表を添えて、「既修得科目認定申請書」を提出してください。

(2) 科目の重複履修について