International Inaugural Symposium has been successfully held

International Inaugural Symposium for UNESCO Chair on Water, Energy and Disaster Management for Sustainable Development has been successfully held. The main event was on 30 July 2018 at International Science Innovation Building, Yosida Campus.
In total, we had 101 participants including 47 international participants from 18 different countries.
President of Kyoto University, Prof. Juichi Yamagiwa, gave an opening remark for starting off the event.
On 31 July 2018, we had an excursion and technical visit at UNESCO Heritage sites in Kyoto Prefecture, including Kiyomizu, Mampukuji and Byodoin temples.
Due to the weather condition, we had to cancel the side event planned on 29 July 2018.
Introductory Presentation by the Chair Holder, Prof. Takara